Chankanaab State Park



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Suzanne D'Aunoy

Submitter Comments:
Great novice dive - very easy entry & exit, very shallow waters. You can rent anything you need from beachside dive operators who will provide a guide for your group as well as all equipment for around $50 - $60 per person. Be wary of some of the uncertified operators: while you won't get bad air, the equipment maintenance is sketchy and they don't seem to care if you bleed your tank dry or whether you wanted to see the submerged crucifix (a good 20m against current over barren sand to see a pretty mediocre statue, underwater or no, burning air that you would rather spend looking at the small but lush reef closer to shore). Pay the extra $5 to go to the PADI operator next door and you'll get better quality of equipment and a better guide

 A state park about 9 km south of San Miguel on the island of Cozumel, Mexico. You can catch a cab from any hotel, the airport or cruise ship for about $5/head. No mystery here about finding the place - Cozumel's too small! -- Suzanne D'Aunoy


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08/20/2018 Stephen from MN (Avg: 3.15 Review) - We actually came to swim with dolphins. The taxi cost us 280 paso, and swim was $129 US dollars a person. Extra $75 for a picture. Camera in the swim area was not allowed. Had I know that I probably wouldn't have come. Dolphin swim was interesting. I found dolphins intimidating as they are meat eaters and have large teeth. The manatee swim I found more is impressive. Big water cows. The park closes early. Like 5pm. One person said jokingly that on rare occasions salt water crocodiles have come in at dusk. Not sure on that. I did see an iguana. This is massive park with lots of stuff to do, like zip lining, diving , snorkeling,.. shore is sandy and shallow. Our package came with quick buffet which was simple but good. Water at pier distance looks deeper like 20-30ft and I could see what looked like large 2ft long yellowfin tuna zipping back and forth along the edge of the net pens. Originally when the park opened it was cheaper, like $20. But at current price we paid it seemed over priced. Much like a lot of Mexico in last few years has gotten more expensive as average income has gone up, and foreigners are now buying property... another guest I was talking with had snorkeled the lagoon and seen the impressive tarpon. Also seen the sculptures out at depth. If I was to do this again, I'd plan to come early.

03/03/2018 Emily Cohlmia (Avg: 4.56 Review) - Pros--One of my top 10 dives ever because of the iron shore. Right off the entry point on the south side, there are HUGE caves that you can swim through. When we were there, there were resident Tarpon in these caves and it was so cool diving, in a cave, with fish four/five times the size of me....a little intimidating, but really cool. Cons--Really expensive. Not only do you have to pay to get it, they require a dive guide, which is stupid on a shore dive where you cannot get lost unless you are a total idiot, but they have got you because if you want their tank, you have to pay their prices and dive with a guide. When we dove, it was like $29 to get into the park and then each shore dive was $50 apiece (and we have our own equipment). Nice steps down the iron coast for easy entry. I've heard about people watching the dolphins at the dophinarium at the north side of the park while diving, but our guide never allowed us to go that far north. I would love to dive the caverns again, but probably won't for the cost. I wish they would let you rent a tank and go....I would dive all day there.

01/13/2014 Anonymous (Avg: 3.20 Review) - Good enough for beginners, but way too expensive. You have to pay $21 to get in the park and then another $21 for a tank of of air! (Granted, it comes with a mandatory divemaster to lead your dive. Mandatory. ) There are places just as good for free.

08/14/2009 Victor Grimaldi (Avg: 3.88 Review) - Awesome place! There is enough time to take a day trip there from a cruise ship. I love it and can't wait to go back! I had beautiful weather and you can see the Christ statue in the's supposed to keep the divers safe. There is also a small Virgin in one of the other pictures. You don't need any equipment, they'll provide you with everything you need for about $60-$80 for an hour and you'll go down with an experienced diver who will give you a tour. If you have the chance, you should go!!!

12/14/2008 Ronald Zahm (Avg: 3.46 Review) - 2008-10-15. Went snorkeling at this location based on the reviews from this web site. We were not disappointed! The entry was easy rock steps down from a beautiful sandy beach. The water was exceptionally clear and calm. We saw typical Caribbean fan coral and fish. Notable was a school of Horse-Eye Jacks, several large blue fish (perhaps grunts?), and some silver squid. The entry fee for the National Park kept the number of snorkelers low. We went here as an excursion during a cruise and it was the highlight of the cruise! During our day, we snorkeled, relaxed and had lunch under a cabana.... enjoying the beautiful beach and turquoise water, and then went out for a second snorkel. Plenty of area to cover in two snorkel trips.

07/23/2005 Jonathan Williams (Avg: 3.93 Review) - Snorkeled here 5/22/2005. Rented a bike and rode here from La Cieba. Facilities comparable to a US national park. Food, drink, lockers close to water. I recommend tortilla soup for fast, cheap lunch. Multiple access points to water. Steps or beach entry. The reef is very nice considering the number of people who visit. Various types of coral and sponges. Decent schools of small fish. Saw a few larger fish: 4ft trupetfish, 5ft barracuda, 3ft lobster, a few other unidentified fish around 3ft long. Encountered cold water on surface. Probably fresh water from a cave. It would be fun to find the source.

03/22/2004 Sarah in TN (Avg: 3.00 Review) - I went on the beginner scuba 3 days ago.... IT WAS WONDERFUL! It was the most amazing thing I have ever done. There are thousands of beautiful fish and the reef is amazing. We went through a cave also that was soooo awesome! It was $50 per person including all your equipment and a guide. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is going to Cozumel and wants to dive!

03/12/2004 Anonymous (Avg: 4.35 Review) - This is truly a beautiful snorkel. Anyone would enjoy this to the utmost!

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Special thanks to Ronald Zahm!
View from the cabana.
Submitted by Ronald Zahm

Special thanks to Victor Grimaldi!
Underwater shots.
Submitted by Victor Grimaldi

Special thanks to Victor Grimaldi!
Underwater shots.
Submitted by Victor Grimaldi

Special thanks to Victor Grimaldi!
Underwater shots.
Submitted by Victor Grimaldi

Special thanks to Victor Grimaldi!
Underwater shots.
Submitted by Victor Grimaldi

Special thanks to Victor Grimaldi!
Underwater shots.
Submitted by Victor Grimaldi

Special thanks to Victor Grimaldi!
A little shade.
Submitted by Victor Grimaldi


Diver Averages for  Chankanaab State Park  (1=worst, 5=best)

Average Site Condition

Ease of Shore Entry:  4.38
Bottom Conditions:  3.75
Reef Conditions:  3.50
Animal Life:  3.63
Plant Life:  3.38
Facilities:  4.50
Solitude 2.88
Roads:  3.63
*Site Average:  3.69

Average Enjoyment Level

Snorkel:  4.25
Beginner Scuba:  3.50
Intermediate Scuba:  3.00
Advanced Scuba:  2.75
Night diving Scuba:  3.00

Number of reviews for this site: 8


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