Overview of Telegraph Bay

Telegraph Bay

Vancouver Island, BC


A great site for beginners, Telegraph Bay offers a shallow dive with no current. As you swim toward the points of the bay, you are bound to see the local marine life. (Note: to eliminate any confusion, there is a Telegraph Cove on Northern Vancouver Island that has some spectacular diving, as well!)

Directions: Our best advice is to get a map of Victoria once you arrive, and locate the general area of the point in the Cadboro Bay district. Close to the intersection of Tudor and Arbutus, you'll find Telegraph Bay Road, which you should follow Northeast into the bay.


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11/01/2005 JayBo (Avg: 2.18 Review) - Boring dive site since the area is shallow, about 35 feet. I experienced current about 75 meters out from shore. Not much life, lots of bull kelp.

08/30/2004 Fiona Rattray (Avg: 3.52 Review) - This is a review of Henderson Point, a shore dive site in Saanich Inlet, a bit north and west across the Saanich Peninsula from Telegraph. Park your car in the parking lot at the end of Senainus Drive, at the west end of Mount Newton Cross Road. A bit of a hike down a few rocky steps to the entrance, go in off the rock ledges, and out on a 255 degree heading to the reef. Lots of crabs, gunnard eels, urchins, shrimp, sea stars and rockfish. There are sightings of sixgill sharks here; I saw a dogfish at 85 feet. Great dive!!!

08/30/2004 Fiona Rattray (Avg: 3.64 Review) - This review is for Maple Bay, Cowichan Valley, the northwest side of Saanich Inlet, northwest of Telegraph. Drive northwest from Victoria towards Nanaimo, turn off just before the town of Duncan. Maple Bay is east on the coast. This is a sandy entry to the left of the government wharf. A rope leads off the dock to the north, taking you out to a reef at 60-80 feet. Lots of small critters, octopus dens, nudibranchs. A fun prowl and muck dive.

04/29/2004 Jes Saliba (Avg: 2.68 Review) - Participated in the Earth Day Great Canadian Shore Cleanup. The Good news, this was one clean site underwater. 5 Divers, one single piece of junk found. The bad news, not much else down there. Great check out dive location for new divers but nothing new to see for experienced ones.

05/16/2002 Craig Thomson (Avg: 3.46 Review) - An extremely easy dive. At low tide it is difficult to exceed 20 foot depth. The bottom is covered in leaf kelp, otherwise it is soft and sandy. No current to speak of. Also an easy snorkel site with an abundance of crabs and eel grass and kelp loving critters. Could make an interesting photography dive, there are several variety of gunnel which will pose for a photo if approached carefully. Because of the shallow depth it would be easy to get hour long dives at this location. Enjoy a picnic lunch on the beach during your surface interval.

12/10/2001 Neil Lake (Avg: 3.86 Review) - As described an excellent site for beginners or for just a relaxed dive or training session. Lots of marine life to see including the occasional Sea Lion. Best dived in the colder months when the kelp beds are reduced.


Site Photos

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 Map     Sat
GPS: VI0101


Parking at Telegraph Bay 

The site is relatively unused, so you shouldn't have too much problem parking. You are right at the water's edge.




Overview at Telegraph Bay 

Beware of boat traffic, and carry your dive flag with you.


 Map     Sat
GPS: VI0103


Entry at Telegraph Bay 

You will have to wade in for several yards before you can get completely wet!

Last Verification: July, 2001  


Diver Averages for  Telegraph Bay  (1=worst, 5=best)

Average Site Condition

Ease of Shore Entry:  4.17
Bottom Conditions:  3.33
Reef Conditions:  2.83
Animal Life:  3.00
Plant Life:  3.17
Facilities:  1.83
Solitude 4.00
Roads:  3.83
*Site Average:  3.22

Average Enjoyment Level

Snorkel:  3.17
Beginner Scuba:  3.67
Intermediate Scuba:  2.83
Advanced Scuba:  2.33
Night diving Scuba:  3.50

Number of reviews for this site: 6


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